Compex WLE200NX: regdomain sanitized regression

Sebastian Bachmann hello at
Sun Dec 5 23:18:07 PST 2021


thanks everyone for the suggestions and hints to DKMS and patches!

On 01.12.2021 10:06, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> This is a regression due to 2dc016599cfa ("ath: add support for special
> 0x0 regulatory domain") that seems to affect quite a few users, but
> afaics was never properly addressed. I fully understand that this might
> be a special case where Linus' "no regressions" rule can't be simply
> applied.

I asked the retailer where I bought the Compex card if they have heard 
of this issue and if the cards they are currently selling have the same 
They said, that all their cards they are selling have a region ID of 
0x00, which they assume to be "set your own region ID using crda".
Obviously this one anecdote cannot speak for all retailers, but it seems 
like this misconception affects manufacturer, retailers and users likewise.
I think blaming the manufacturer and having users suffer isn't the best 
idea, however I do not have a good solution either.

What I still haven't found out is what region ID would be "set your own 
region ID using crda", i.e., what region ID would give the old behaviour 
with a new kernel? Do I understood it correctly, that such cards must 
not exist?

I "solved" my issue now by buying an off-the-shelf access point...
Regardless, I would still love to get my hostapd based access point back 
online using a current mainline kernel.


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