Throughput drop with ath10k latest driver and firmware-5.bin_10.

KAVITA MATHUR kavitam at
Thu Oct 26 04:20:25 PDT 2017

In my AP , there are two radios, one ath9k based module WLE200NX and second ath10k based

I configured both the radios as AP in IEEE 802.11a 40 MHz HT mode and performed
throughput test.

Measured throughput with ath9k is 164Mbps while with ath10k it is 137Mbps. I could not
understand the reason of this drop(27 Mbps)? 

My test setup was inside RF-Shield. There was no interference and system was associated
at 300Mbps in both cases.

ath10k driver was taken from ath10k git and firmware version is
ath9k drives was taken from stable backport release backport-4.4.2-1.

kernel version : 3.12
openwrt version : Chaos Calmer 15.05.0

Please suggest me how can I increase the throughput of my AP. 

Thanks & Regards,
कविता माथुर Kavita Mathur 
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