Switching away from ath10k patchwork project

Kalle Valo kvalo at qca.qualcomm.com
Wed Jul 5 06:29:20 PDT 2017


Starting from patches submitted today I'm switching away from
ath10k specific patchwork project to the general linux-wireless
patchwork project.

The longer story:

For legacy reasons we have had two patchwork projects, the main project
being linux-wireless (which tracks linux-wireless mailing list):


And then we have a separate project for ath10k (which tracks the ath10k
mailing list):


This creates a confusion as people don't always know which patchwork
project to follow. To simplify this I'm dropping the ath10k project in
patchwork and track also ath10k patches using the general linux-wireless
project so that all wireless patches can be tracked from the same
patchwork project.

The only downside from this is that if someone posts a patch only to the
ath10k list and forgets to CC linux-wireless I will not see it as I only
take patches from patchwork. But we have instructed everyone to CC
linux-wireless anyway[1] so hopefully this is a small problem. I do
remember having few cases where the patch was not CCed to
linux-wireless, but usually it's actually the other way around (people
forget to CC the ath10k list). So I'm not expecting that much problems
with this change.

[1] https://wireless.wiki.kernel.org/en/users/drivers/ath10k/submittingpatches

Kalle Valo

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