ath10k: Remove unneccessary WARN_ON_ONCE in rx during ACS

Kalle Valo kvalo at
Thu Jun 30 03:52:51 PDT 2016

Mohammed Shafi Shajakhan <mohammed at> wrote:
> From: Mohammed Shafi Shajakhan <mohammed at>
> The below warning message seems to hit occasionally with the following
> combination (IPQ4019 + ACS scan) where we receive packets as a self peer
> when hostapd does ACS when we bring up AP mode . ath10k has the below
> fall back mechanism to fetch current operating channel in rx (it will
> check for the next channel tracking variable if the current one is NULL)
> 	[scan channel] --> [rx channel] --> [peer channel] -->
> 	[vdev channel] -->  [any vdev channel] --> [target oper channel]
> 'scan channel' and 'target operating channel' are directly fetched from
> firmware events. All the others should be updated by mac80211.
> During ACS scan we wouldn't have a valid channel context
> assigned from mac80211 ('ar->rx_channel'), and also relying on
> ('ar->scan_channel') is not helpful (it becomes NULL when it goes to
> BSS channel and also when the scan event is completed). In short we
> cannot always rely on these two channel tracking variables.
> 'Target Operating Channel' (ar->tgt_oper_chan) seems to keep track of
> the current operating even while we are doing ACS scan and etc. Hence
> remove this un-necessary warning message and continue with
> target_operating channel. At the worst case scenario when the target
> operating channel is invalid (NULL) we already have an ath10k warning
> message to notify we really don't have a proper channel configured in
> rx to update the rx status("no channel configured; ignoring frame(s)!")
>     WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 0 at ath/ath10k/htt_rx.c:803
>     [<c0318838>] (warn_slowpath_null) from [<bf4a0104>]
>     (ath10k_htt_rx_h_channel+0xe0/0x1b8 [ath10k_core])
>     [<bf4a0104>] (ath10k_htt_rx_h_channel [ath10k_core]) from
>     [<bf4a025c>] (ath10k_htt_rx_h_ppdu+0x80/0x288 [ath10k_core])
>     [<bf4a025c>] (ath10k_htt_rx_h_ppdu [ath10k_core]) from
>     [<bf4a1a9c>] (ath10k_htt_txrx_compl_task+0x724/0x9d4 [ath10k_core])
>     [<bf4a1a9c>] (ath10k_htt_txrx_compl_task [ath10k_core])
> Fixes:3b0499e9ce42 ("ath10k: reduce warning messages during rx without proper channel context")
> Signed-off-by: Mohammed Shafi Shajakhan <mohammed at>

Thanks, 1 patch applied to ath-next branch of ath.git:

569fba2cbb6d ath10k: remove unneccessary WARN_ON_ONCE in rx during ACS

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