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Stefan Feirer e0926020 at
Thu Jun 2 00:27:05 PDT 2016


I'm currently working on my master thesis at vienna university of 
Topic of my work is building a prototype to measure wifi roaming 
performance with 802.11k (Radio Resouce Management) and 802.11r protocol 
My hardware setup uses the PCIe Wifi Card Compex WLE600VX with QCA9882 
Chipset and ath10k_pci kernel module.
Operating System is Ubuntu 15.10 with Kernel Version 4.2.

With my setup 802.11r is working well with wpa_supplicant but I'm not 
able to get 802.11k working.
As I already mentioned I'm using the ath10k kernel module with firmware 

I suppose 802.11k (RRM) is not working because it is not supported by 
the firmware.
The reason of my guess is the following:
When I looked through the ath10k source code for RRM support I found out 
that in the file wmi.c there are the structs
  - wmi_cmd_map
  - wmi_10x_cmd_map
  - wmi_10_2_4_cmd_map

In the last two the function bcn_tmpl_cmdid and prb_tmpl_cmdid both are 
not supported (and I use firmware version 10.2.4) and these use the 
struct wmi_bcn_prb_info (wmi.h) which includes the rrm info.

This leads me to two questions:
- Am I right, that the firmware does not support 802.11k or should 
802.11k be supported by the QCA9882 Chipset and the atheros firmware and 
kernel modules?
- Are there any atheros wifi modules which were successfully tested with 

Hopefully someone can help me with this!
Stefan Feirer

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