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Peter Sabat pete at
Fri Jun 13 11:38:02 PDT 2014

I think that after your help w/ the FW copy (or whatever it was) this
turns out to be an example of no RTFM.

I was deceived since I could see scans from the STA, but it turns out that
this card needs a separate 5v input to actually work.  ;-)

The wife and I are using it right now.

Thanks again for all your assistance.

On 6/13/14, 2:07 PM, "Ben Greear" <greearb at> wrote:

>On 06/12/2014 11:49 AM, Peter Sabat wrote:
>> I think I may have found a clue - just noticed on the console
>> root at server2:/run# [  856.450077] ath10k: target stalled
>> [  856.453659] ath10k: failed to wait for target to init: -5
>I haven't tried your specific NIC, but the WLE900VX works well for me.
>Could try power-cycling..ath10k can get hung such that only a power-cycle
>fixes it sometimes.
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