ath10k: firmware crash in station mode & problem DFS

Ben Greear greearb at
Thu Jun 12 10:54:18 PDT 2014

On 06/12/2014 01:48 AM, Vu Hai NGUYEN wrote:
>> Can you please try this firmware:
>> I have verified that it works fine for me when connecting to an
>> AP on a DFS channel.  It should have the bridging fix as well.
>> There was an inverted beacon-filter setting bug in my code, though that
>> also should have been fixed in the previous firmware I sent you.
>> I might have had some other problem in that older firmware, however.
> Thank you, your new firmware work fine with DFS channel and promiscuous mode.
> But there is a small bug, with the firmware 10.1 my station can associate with AP directly
> after running wpa_supplicant. Your firmware had this:
> wlan0: direct probe to (@ mac) (try 1/3)
> wlan0: direct probe to (@ mac) (try 2/3)
> wlan0: direct probe to (@ mac) (try 3/3)
> and I have to run "iw wlan0 scan" to detect the network again and connect to it.
> I've tested it with different channels DFS for 2 version of firmware (yours and 10.1)
> so I'm quite sure about it.

Does this problem happen only with DFS, or do you see it on other channels as well?

I can build another set of firmwares for bisecting later today.


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