fetching calibration data from flash

Kalle Valo kvalo at qca.qualcomm.com
Tue Jun 10 01:54:22 PDT 2014

Matti Laakso <malaakso at elisanet.fi> writes:

>> a) Use platform data, like ath9k does.
>> b) add a module option to ath10k, and let ath10k fetch the files via mtd 
>> API.
>>      Has the downside of requiring MTD (maybe add a config option to 
>> disable that?),
>>      but i like that more than the ath9k way of reading an arbitrary 
>> memory region and
>>      circumventing the MTD layer.
>> Any thoughts? I can prepare a patch if needed.
> There's yet another method: Use platform data to provide only a file
> name and then use request_firmware to load it from a file under
> /lib/firmware. Then it is up to the platform support code to get the
> data there. This is used in OpenWrt by rt2x00 drivers.

That's true. Now that you mention this, I remember that this was also
suggested in linux-wireless list for wl1251 (a long time ago when I was
still working on that driver). And there doesn't even need to a real
file in the filesystem, it's possible to implement a udev script which
does what it ever needs to feed the data to the kernel, be it reading
from MTD partition or whatever.

But why let the user name provide the file name? Why cannot it be a
fixed name, like "cal.bin"?

Kalle Valo

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