fetching calibration data from flash

Sven Schnelle svens at stackframe.org
Tue Jun 10 00:55:37 PDT 2014

Hi List,

currently ath10k fetches calibration data from the board.bin file
via request_firmware(). Usually HW manufactures are using one
flash partition for the calibration data (see ath9k for example).
So we would end up reading the file from flash, and writing it into
a ramdisk so that ath10k can fetch it.

I would prefer to add support to ath10k to fetch that data directly from
flash. IMHO there are two options to do so:

a) Use platform data, like ath9k does.

b) add a module option to ath10k, and let ath10k fetch the files via mtd 
     Has the downside of requiring MTD (maybe add a config option to 
disable that?),
     but i like that more than the ath9k way of reading an arbitrary 
memory region and
     circumventing the MTD layer.

Any thoughts? I can prepare a patch if needed.


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