ath10k: firmware crash in station mode & problem DFS

Vu Hai NGUYEN vh.nguyen at
Tue Jun 10 00:15:46 PDT 2014

>Can you please see if this firmware is any better for the DFS issue?

Thanks, I check your firmware but it can not fix the problem

>Ok, looks like the patch where I change the scan state machine logic is the bad one.
>I will review it carefully and maybe try splitting it further today.
>Are you able to test with a modified kernel?  If so, I can add debuglog
>messages to the firmware and give you a kernel ath10k patch to print
>those out in the kernel logs so you can send them to me for decoding...

Sorry I don't really get it, you mean that I can re-compiled ath10k for my own
kernel?  Actually I'm using backport to compile ath10k for my kernel 3.2.36 provided
for my chipset, If so, I can do it. 

>Anyone have any ideas what sorts of problems I might be introducing by
>changing around the scan logic?  Normal scanning seems to at least mostly
> is DFS special?

>> I also retried to test promiscuous mode, may be yesterday I did something wrong when copy-paste the firmware.
>> Today I try the 172 commit firmware and it works in promisc mode, so again with binary search I redo my serie of test,
>> the different is between 120 (broken firmware) and 121 (non broken).
>> (My serie is: 172 OK => 86 KO => 129 OK => 107 KO => 118 KO => 124 OK => 121 OK => 120 KO, than re-change to
>> confirm the different :D)
>> Hope that is helpful for you

>That is interesting...patch 121 is small and just fixes a firmware crash I was seeing
>related to null dereference in beacon config logic.  Do you see firmware crashes for
>build 120, or does it just silently not work?

Yes it crashed once the STA associate to my AP in bridge network (promisc mode)

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