ath10k: firmware crash in station mode & problem DFS

Vu Hai NGUYEN vh.nguyen at
Thu Jun 5 01:41:13 PDT 2014

>Ok, I have built an image for each of my commits, and I have attempted to rebase my changes
>so that these kernels should work on un-patched drivers.  I have not actually tested these
>various images on un-patched drivers, so if you see any un-expected problems, let me know
>and I can test those specific images.
>From your previous testing, you know the first commit should be OK for DFS, and the
l>ast commit (172) is not.  To bisect, choose an image in the middle (ie, commit 86)
>and see if it works.  If so, choose middle one between 86 and 172, if not, choose middle one
>between 0 and 86...repeat until you find the first bad commit and let me know what that
>is and I will try to figure out the problem in the firmware.

Thanks for building the image, I found out the diffrent is between the the 58th (work with DFS) and 59th commit (can not see DFS).
Here is my serial of test: 86: KO => 43 OK => 64 KO => 53 OK => 58 OK => 61 KO => 59 KO. Then I change between 58 and 59th commit one more time to confirm the different. 
Is that all of your commit that you've done? Cause with the firmware-2-ct-non-commercial.bin I can enter promiscuous mode to set up bridge network, but yesterday I tried your 2 firmwares 
and today with the firmware of 172th commit they are all broke in bridge network.
If not, can you rebuild other image so that I can trace your commit that allow to enter promiscuous mode?

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