ath10k: firmware crash in station mode & problem DFS

Ben Greear greearb at
Wed Jun 4 09:20:49 PDT 2014

On 06/04/2014 02:20 AM, Vu Hai NGUYEN wrote:
>> I have a script to build every commit now, but except for the first few
>> and the last few images, you would need various driver changes to work with them.
>> I can rebase my firmware changes so that hopefully all (or at least most) of the
>> images will work on standard kernels, but it may be a few days before I
>> can get that done.
>> In the meantime, please try these two:
>> Compiled from original source received from QCA:
>> It appeared to me that that code had a regression, so next commit fixed
>> that:
>> If either of these work with DFS, then some change I made later broke it, and I can
>> build the rest of the images so we can figure out where.
> Both firmware in the link that you gave me work well, my station associate directly with the AP after running wpa_supplicant.
> But then I re-put your firmware version non commercial, my STA did not associate directly after running wpa_supp, it keep print the message SCAN EVENT STARTED of wlan0. 
> I run "iw wlan0 scan" and some times it can see and associate with my AP, some times it can not see the network with channel DFS, I mean it is not stable.

Ok, I will work on a series of firmwares for each of my commits so we can find
the bad commit and fix it.

> And I had other question too, I thought that you've done some test with ath10k in mode 802.11ac by iperf? What is the maximum rate that you obtain?
> I'm using 2 PC and connect each one to my AP and STA, but the max rate that I had is around 120Mbps only, in both 802.11n and 802.11ac.
> Strange things is that I config 3 antennas in used and leave the rate automatically (Don't set rates using "iw"), my station dump and file "fw_stats" in debugfs show me the rates of MCS 7 or 15 (in 802.11n) and NSS1 or 2 (in 802.11ac).
> It never set in MCS 23 or NSS3, though my module wifi support 3 STREAMS, 1 can see it from "iw list":
> VHT RX MCS set:
> 			1 streams: MCS 0-9
> 			2 streams: MCS 0-9
> 			3 streams: MCS 0-9
> But it also show me: VHT RX highest supported: 0 Mbps and VHT TX highest supported: 0 Mbps, is there something wrong with it?
> If I use "iw" to fixed rate, the info from station dump (TX rates is always false because of firmware issue), but RX rate and the info from "fw_stats" is same thing as what I fixed (I can fixe rate at MCS23 and NSS 3 too, I also verified with dmesg | grep mac to see debug message from ath10k). But as I said above, my rate is around 120 Mbps in iperf.

We can get 500+Mbps download, and about 400Mbps upload, TCP traffic using our own traffic generator,
which is somewhat similar to iperf.  Use large tx/rx buffers, large write sizes, and 10+ streams in
iperf for more optimal throughput.

We often get rates reported at 1.3Gbps, so it seems in our tests we train up well.

Unless you are using a modified driver with my firmware, you will not get useful
tx-rate stats reported, but I think the rx-rate is accurate with latest upstream


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