ath10k: firmware crash in station mode & problem DFS

Ben Greear greearb at
Tue Jun 3 21:14:30 PDT 2014

On 06/02/2014 11:51 PM, Vu Hai NGUYEN wrote:
>> I could try building a set of binaries and let you bisect the problem, perhaps.
>> This might take a bit of your time, but if you are willing, I will write a script
>> to create firmware binaries for each of my commits so you can do a manual
>> bisect.
>> I also think that the '2-1' part of the upstream 10.1 firmware is not in the source code
>> QCA made available to me, so there may be upstream fixes I have not seen, and possibly
>> part of that enables/fixes DFS.
>> I am not aware of any changes in my firmware that should have broken
>> DFS, but of course with 100+ commits, I could have easily added regressions...
> Yes, I'll try it, you can explain it to me if I don't know how to apply your script?

I have a script to build every commit now, but except for the first few
and the last few images, you would need various driver changes to work with them.

I can rebase my firmware changes so that hopefully all (or at least most) of the
images will work on standard kernels, but it may be a few days before I
can get that done.

In the meantime, please try these two:

Compiled from original source received from QCA:

It appeared to me that that code had a regression, so next commit fixed

If either of these work with DFS, then some change I made later broke it, and I can
build the rest of the images so we can figure out where.


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