Running throughput tests

Kalle Valo kvalo at
Thu Feb 27 10:59:32 EST 2014

Changing subject.

Bart Jooris <Bart.Jooris at> writes:

> I have a new install with:
> -Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (no support for ath10k yet)
> -got firmware via
> -builded linux-3.13.5 to have the ath10k modules (nog atk10k from
> source see my mail of 24 Feb)
> -builded hostapd, wireless-regdb and crda from source
> and I have 80MHz wide channels now :-)
> Just got a stable 160Mbps (iperf udp, tweeking the distance and ended
> up around 50cm) on a Ubuntu 13.10 client (regulatory.bin still not
> ok).
> Not yet the 300Mbps as I read earlier on the thread.
> What could be the next steps to speed up the link?

First I would use the full hostapd configuration which I just added to
the wiki:

Next I would disable all possible debug features from kernel and make
sure that they are not included in the build. And last try to find a
free channel with little interference as possible.

I'm sure others have better ideas.

Kalle Valo

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