QoS Control Field Stripped Off

Yeoh Chun-Yeow yeohchunyeow at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 23:36:10 EST 2014

> In the non-raw (henceforth cooked) mode, the hardware and/or firmware
> definitely re-writes the header and will add/remove bits to match
> it's idea of what the packet should look like.  It appears impossible
> to disable this 'feature' in cooked tx mode.
I thought that ath10k claims to be a mac80211 driver, so mac80211
pushes the QoS field to the FW. The FW should just honor this, right?

Anyway, I also found out that the broadcast ARP frame generated by the
FW is always non-QoS data frame even though mac80211 specify this as
QoS data frame. Is the FW convert all the group addressed QoS data
frame to non-QoS data frame? Why? I thought that no ACK policy can be
defined in QoS control field for group addressed frame.

> In my opinion, you will likely require at least firmware source
> or someone's help that has access to firmware source to
> figure out how to make raw tx mode work if it does not work
> immediately for you.
Agreed. Who should I talk to?

> I am busy chasing other firmware issues at the moment, but when I get
> that wrapped up (and no idea how long it will take), then I might be able
> to at least help get my firmware capable of doing raw tx mode.
Thanks for your help. I am looking to get the mesh works in ath10k.


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