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Christoph Hellwig hch at
Sat Sep 23 00:21:04 PDT 2017

On Sat, Sep 23, 2017 at 02:35:16AM +0300, Sagi Grimberg wrote:
> Where can I purchase a trekking porter? ;)

The first time we did a mountain conference I carried another backpack
while laying the tracks through a snow field.  We don't expect any
snow fields next week, so if worse comes to worst I might be able
to carry a third backpack ;-)

> > Please make sure to either bring a sleeping back
> I'm assuming (and hoping) you mean a sleeping bag...


> > or be prepared to buy
> > a simple one at the lodge, and bring some slippers to wear inside the
> > lodge unless you never get cold feet, in which case you won't need them.
> > 
> > The weather report looks good, with a lot of sunshine for our projected
> > dates, and temperatures around 5-15C at altitude, and up to 20C in
> > Innsbruck itself.
> So is 5-15 a day-time temperature? Us Israeli's need to prepare
> ourselves :)

Abslutely!  It's a little colder than usual for this time of year,
but it's much better than the weather last week.

> > level of the station in between the two big stairs going up in the main
> > hall.  In the image linked below you will see the two stairs, we are
> > going to meet in the open space between them, in front of the OEBB
> > ticket counter that is marked red in the image:
> > 
> >
> I'm supposed to arrive to Innsbruck at 10:40 AM, any suggestions on how
> to pass the time?

You can deposit your luggage at the train station:

and check out the town, the station is very centrally located.

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