attendee update

Christoph Hellwig hch at
Fri Sep 22 07:47:24 PDT 2017

We are less than a week away from the ALPSS conference!

This is a time to give you some updates on the logistics:

First a another reminder that we are at an Alpine lodge.  We will hike up
for about two hours, so make sure you wear comfortable clothing and hiking
boots, and that you can carry all your luggage in a backpack.  The lodge
itself offers (basic) internet, hot showers and a simple accommodation.
Breakfast and Dinner is provided as part of the "half-board" package that
we recommended everyone to book.  Lunch, snacks and adult beverages are
also available, but to be paid individually on an as-needed basis.

Please make sure to either bring a sleeping back or be prepared to buy
a simple one at the lodge, and bring some slippers to wear inside the
lodge unless you never get cold feet, in which case you won't need them.

The weather report looks good, with a lot of sunshine for our projected
dates, and temperatures around 5-15C at altitude, and up to 20C in
Innsbruck itself.  But remember that we are in an alpine environment
and weather can change quickly, so make sure to bring a warm jacket
against rain or snow.  Note that we had some major snow falls last week
and there probably will be some snow around the lodge and even more
snow above it on some of the easily reachable hikes.

We will meet at 2pm (14:00) at Innsbruck central station and then take
a transfer to the base of our hike.  The meeting point is at the ground
level of the station in between the two big stairs going up in the main
hall.  In the image linked below you will see the two stairs, we are
going to meet in the open space between them, in front of the OEBB
ticket counter that is marked red in the image:

If you got an invitation and for some reason cannot make it please
tell the program committee beforehand.  If you will make it but want to
meet us directly at the base or will be delayed and plan to joins us
later please all tell us.

For everyone who is flying into Munich Johannes and his coworker Hannes
organized another meeting point in Munich for a joint train ride to
Innsbruck.  If you want to sign up for that please also notify Johannes
or the alpss list.

Your ALPSS program committee:

  Stephen Bates
  Sagi Grimberg
  Christoph Hellwig
  Johannes Thumshirn
  Richard Weinberger

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