[wireless-regdb] [PATCH] wireless-regdb: Update regulatory rules for South Korea

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Thu Apr 25 15:20:41 PDT 2019


there is newer version(2018-89) available, and it's copyable by web.

disket button on right top prints the page in one of (hwp,pdf,doc) format

> On 04/25/2019 01:37 PM, b.K.il.h.u+tigbuh at gmail.com wrote:
>> Note that a link to the 2016-124 document is specified as reference in
>> the above code (conversion also attached), not to 2016-125. Should we
>> update the link? Although some of the numbers seem to match, the
>> documents differ in structure and -125 seems to handle more bands.
> I don't know where you downloaded 2016-124, but there is no link to
> 2016-124 one RAA website.
> https://www.rra.go.kr/ko/reference/lawList_view.do?lw_seq=55&lw_type=3&searchCon=&lw_select=ALL&lw_model=&searchTxt=
> Even though 2016-124 exist, we should refer 2016-125 since it's later
> version than -124.
> Thanks,
> Peter
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