[wireless-regdb] Wrong / outdated regulatory information for Malaysia

Seth Forshee seth.forshee at canonical.com
Tue Oct 4 12:13:13 PDT 2016

On Wed, Oct 05, 2016 at 01:46:53AM +0800, Teoh Han Hui wrote:
> There seems to be a mismatch between what's in wireless-regdb and the
> actual regulations in Malaysia.
> See http://www.skmm.gov.my/skmmgovmy/files/attachments/WiFi%20Guideline-Final%20V.pdf
> Direct clarification might be needed from the Regulatory Division of
> the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission.
> Contact information can be found in the PDF.
> Values reproduced below:
> Frequency Bands | Max EIRP (Watts) | Max EIRP (dBm)
> --------------- | ---------------- | --------------
> 2400 MHz to 2500 MHz | 500 milliWatts | 27 dBm
> 5250 MHz to 5350 MHz | 1 Watt | 30 dBm
> 5725 MHz to 5875 MHz | 1 Watt | 30 dBm

The document you link to seems like a summary that may not have all the
details we would want. For instance, I note that the rules in the
database right now include DFS for most of the 5 GHz rules but the
document makes no mention of it.

I found the following document which "recommends" both TPC and DFS for
the 5150 - 5350 MHz range (and for ranges which require TPC we cut the
maximum EIRP in half):


I haven't yet tracked down anything similar for the other ranges, but I
would like to so that we'll have a full picture of the requirements. I
did find another "guideline" document with a similar summary table which
also includes the 5470 - 5650 MHz range:



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