[QUESTION] latency nexus4

Eugene Krasnikov k.eugene.e at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 10:11:25 EDT 2014

Did you check the air traces? Do you see if ping packet is going through?
My first guess will be that BMPS is not working properly, but before
that we need to check air logs what is in there.

2014-04-01 15:02 GMT+01:00 Markus Chur <markus-julian.chur at ruhr-uni-bochum.de>:
> Hi all,
> does anybody of you use wcn36xx on a Nexus4 (mako) and is experiencing high
> latency (e.g. terminal ping accesspoint_ip ~ 200 - 1000ms ), too?
> I tested many builds, even following the wiki strictly won't fix that, like
> i stated out in https://github.com/KrasnikovEugene/wcn36xx/issues/138
> I modified the struct beginning line 36 in smd.c (wcn36xx_cfg_vals) to use
> all defaults loaded by prima-wlan. That won't fix the issue. After that i
> modified the defaults corresponding to the firmware *.ini file that is used
> by prima without success.
> I would be grateful for any hint!
> Regards,
> Markus
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Best regards,

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