ECI driver develpment - help request

Enrico Mioso (@atlantide) at
Tue Jan 5 13:17:39 EST 2010

Hi all!
I'm a new member of this list - so I'm pleased to know you all.

My english is bad at least as my typing, so I should ask you patience to 
understand what I wanted to say.

ECI modems, are those sold by A LOT of vendors, with a Globespan chipset. At 
least where I live, ALL usb modems you can buy are ECI-based, and many friends 
in other countries have them too.
So, I was interested in trying to develope an ECI driver, for the current 
kernel. My coding experience in this area is very low, but I'm seriously 
intentioned to learn, and so this is a "call for help".
As many of you may know (even looking at the ECIADSL project), no docs about 
this chipset are vailable. The good news is that a GPL'ed driver exist, from 
Globespan directly, running under Linux kernel 2.4. But it's a vendor-driver: 
so that
- many functions in the kernel have been open-coded here
   (for example, ez-usb functions have been re-written badly... from scratch by
   driver's autors)
- the driver is not so well-commented
- the code is very sparse...

I can provide:
- ECI hardware: a lot of ECI hardware (the first and second chipset brand)
- volunty to learn

Thank you for your reading - mrkiko...

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