[PATCH 00/13] USBATM: summary

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Thu Jan 12 11:29:51 EST 2006

Hi Greg, here are some fixes and improvements to the USB ATM
modem drivers, in thirteen patches:

01: trivial modifications (formatting, changes to variable names,
comments, log level changes, printk rate limiting).

02: have minidrivers tell the core about special requirements
using a flags field.

03: remove the unused .owner field in struct usbatm_driver.

04: use kzalloc rather than kmalloc + memset.

05: make xusbatm useable.

06: sternly tell open connections that the game is up when the
modem is disconnected.

07: return the correct error code when out of memory.

08: use dev_kfree_skb_any rather than dev_kfree_skb.

09: specify buffer sizes in bytes, rather than in ATM cells.

10: add mechanism for turning on isochronous urb support.

11: remove the assumption that incoming urbs contain
complete ATM cells.

12: bump some version numbers.

13: EILSEQ hack needed by the ueagle.

All the best,


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