kernel panic

Duncan Sands baldrick at
Wed Mar 30 02:43:43 EST 2005

> I have get this error running speedtouch.
> I have a conection with Terra (512down/128up).
> My PC runs Debian Sarge with kernel and Speedtouch 330 silver (rev4 
> i think)
> I connect trought nas0 with:
>              br2684ctl -b -c 0 -a 8.32 , ifconfig nas0 
> netmask and pppd call
>              speedtch (configured for pppoe)

Hi Ros, were you doing anything special when this happened?  For
example, had you just unplugged the modem, or shut down a connection?
Do you get this often?  Also, do you have a multiprocessor machine?



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