[PATCH] iso pipe support for usbatm

matthieu castet castet.matthieu at free.fr
Sat Mar 19 17:51:56 EST 2005


Roman Kagan wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 19, 2005 at 07:28:04PM +0100, matthieu castet wrote:
>>>BTW do you get -EILSEQ often?  Documentation/usb/error-codes.txt reads:
>>>(*) Error codes like -EPROTO, -EILSEQ and -EOVERFLOW normally indicate
>>>hardware problems such as bad devices (including firmware) or cables.
>>I think this is specific to via controler (someone told me that there 
>>windows driver have some trick for -EILSEQ error)
> And are there many of those errors?
When I loged the data, I saw there are EOVERFLOW errors. And because the 
errors  aren't catch by usbatm, the bad packet go through 
usbatm_extract_cells and produce the vpi/vci error.
I will try with a smaller size.


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