usbatm question

Duncan Sands baldrick at
Sat Mar 12 17:52:34 EST 2005

Hi Matthieu,

> usbatm use intfdata for storing its private data, so the driver 
> shouldn't use it.
> But how could the driver recover its private data for example for an ioctl?
> Could the driver assume that there is always usbatm private data and use 
> usbatm->driver_data ?

I will think about this.

> For the atm statistic (rate and state), is it safe to access it any time ?
> Some modem could start their stats loop in heavy init, because they need 
> to know the state of the modem in order to send it the correct part of 
> the firmware. Is it need to check if atm_start finished before updating 
> atm stats ?

You can't access the atm stuff before atm_start is called because it
doesn't exist.  So if you need this info earlier, you will need to
maintain a copy of it yourself (or something equivalent).



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