[tslib] Odd unreliable touch input when mouse cursor is not displayed

Stephan, Falke falke.stephan-ext at corscience.de
Thu May 6 17:46:56 BST 2021


I'm currently trying to get touch screen input to reliably work on an
embedded system and have a few questions. At the moment it works
perfectly fine, but I'm trying to remove the mouse cursor, which
oddly causes the touch screen to only register approximately 40%
of the presses. Other input is unaffected.

The system uses SDL 1.2 via fbcon and tslib, tslib is used through
SDL and its event system. The touch screen is a TSC200X,
connected by I2C. After "SDL_Init(...);", I disable the cursor with
"SDL_ShowCursor(SDL_DISABLE);", as documented here:

Using watch -n1 "cat /proc/interrupts", I can see whenever a gpio
interrupt  is received from the touch screen. On not-registered
presses, I don't get any new interrupts either. I tried using a
transparent or different cursor, but that works just as badly as when
I completely disable the cursor. I tried enabling and disabling the
cursor throughout using the application, but the touch input is
unreliable only, when the cursor is disabled. I considered if this is
a psychological effect of not having the same touch feedback or
an issue of pressing hard enough, but after many tests with and
without the cursor, I am very sure that this is not the problem.
ts_test works perfectly fine.

Is there any reason why the SDL mouse cursor would have an effect
on the touch input? What could be causing the issue?


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