[tslib] 1.13 released. onward.

Martin Kepplinger martin.kepplinger at ginzinger.com
Fri Sep 15 01:20:03 PDT 2017

1.13 turned out to be more important than I thought:
* many bugfixes, and support for many more devices

* module_raw galax disabled by default. enable it when building, or
better use module_raw input instead

* ts_sample_mt's valid variable got bit definitions. How it's used out
there right now is compatible.

* we don't require to call open() and close() device files ourselves
anymore. The caller is free to do that for us.

The 1.14 cycle starts and the github issues reflect the open development
* #45: include test scripts that use evemu-tools in tests/filters/*
including a evemu device file, and initially one sequence-file per
filter. the script should feed the sequence to tslib, know what the
filter is supposed to do and decide whether the filter works.

* #106: write a ts.conf access API that is able to remove and insert
filters (lines of text) and read/write parameters to a given filter, in
case it is found active in ts.conf

* #46: start implementing filters to work on tool_x/y too, in case
that's what's coming in from the device in addition to x/y.

we'll see. If bugs show up as usual, only a part of this will end up in
1.14. If not, I'm happy to have a longer cycle too. Oh, and this list is
roughly what I want before calling a release 2.0. The library is of
course supposed to stay libts.so.0.X.X no matter if we do a 2.0 or 8.0
tslib release :)



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