[tslib] news: test scripts

Martin Kepplinger martink at posteo.de
Tue Oct 24 08:08:49 PDT 2017

New in tslib's source tree: the tests/scripts directory:

You can now run ts_verify on a host machine without the need for a 
device, using evemu recordings. There's one example included.

Also, you can take a touchscreen recording of Peter Hutterer's 
project and run it against one tslib filter. In case there's already a 
"expected" file for it included in our directory, you can verify that a 
filter module
works, from now on.

That won't be included in release tarballs for now. It's supposed to be 
a development

Speaking of tarballs: version 1.14 is almost just around the corner. It 
will save you
disk space by not building very old and almost certainly unused 
module_raw drivers
by default. (many distributors use the default)

It's only the default, so anything that get's disabled, can simply be 
used by
./configure --enable-<module>. We'll never drop support for a module.
Of course "module_raw input" will always be available by default on

so long


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