[tslib] 1.12 cycle starts

Martin Kepplinger martin.kepplinger at ginzinger.com
Fri Jun 9 05:01:26 PDT 2017

tslib 1.11 is out and being picked up. most notably, framebuffer
rotation for ts_calibrate and ts_test_mt, as well as static builds are
available (and already being used) now.

For 1.12 I roughly have the following in mind:

* continue the sdl2 graphics work. Mainly write a equally simplistic
ts_calibrate_sdl program like ts_test_mt_sdl. Screen rotation should be
available like framebuffer roation is now. Other than that, it can stay
a totally simple example tool; visually not very appealing yet.

* generate a valid tracking-id value for type A devices in input-raw.

* generally tidy up input-raw a bit.

I hope it to be a longer cycle than they have been until now, with a
summer break and a release not before August, if no bad regressions or
bugs come in the way. If that sticks, libts can become 0.7.2. If really
nothing else comes up, I might wait until the sdl branch can be merged
and released.

All input is welcome.

so long


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