Equipment hire / lessons.

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Mon Nov 24 11:45:41 EST 2008

So far we have...

Equipment hire:

Becky, Magnus, Kumar and David need to hire a full basic ski+boot set.
Carsten, Olga and Jes have their own boots, but want skis+poles. 
Jes isn't sure and Carsten didn't specify what level of skis they want.

Not sure about ewt+msw; I think they're bringing their own?

Neither am I sure about Lennert and Marija. Or Johannes and Friederike.


Becky, Kumar, Olga and David are complete beginners and will need
lessons. I'd suggest at least 3-4 half-days.

Magnus hasn't skied since 1999 so will want a quick refresher.

Again, I'm not yet sure about Lennert and Marija.

Johannes has kindly volunteered to talk to Sport Noichl and arrange it.


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