[Pcsclite-muscle] pcsclite-muscle Digest, Vol 25, Issue 2

s.ferey s.ferey at wanadoo.fr
Tue Feb 8 10:23:53 PST 2022


Le 08/02/2022 à 17:59, pcsclite-muscle-request at lists.infradead.org a écrit :
> Recap + new info: Specifically under Windows with GemCCID driver (Gemalto
> dated 2016-08-08 from Windows Update), several Gemalto/Thales readers
> pairing with this driver (including GemPC USB-SL, and IdBridge K30 SIM-format
> reader), with T=0 Smart Cards, SCardTransmit reports a Mute Card error when a
> Case 4(S) command-APDU includes Le after the data.
> The issue disappears if Le is removed from the C-APDU, or with the Microsoft
> USBCCID WUDF driver (10.0.19041.1 dated 2006-06-2).

When T=0 protocol is used a case-4 can NOT contain a Le.

The (overall) result is so undefined, the card may choose to not 
respond, or the firmware or diver may generate an error (or for some 
maange itself the Get Response).

AFAIK, your error is not related to a specific Gem+ driver but due to an 
invalid use of the protocol.



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