[Pcsclite-muscle] New version of libccid: 1.4.30

Ludovic Rousseau ludovic.rousseau at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 01:58:10 PDT 2018


I just released a version 1.4.30 of libccid the Free Software CCID
class smart card reader driver.

1.4.30 - 19 September 2018, Ludovic Rousseau
    - The project moved to https://ccid.apdu.fr/
    - Add support of
     . ACS ACR33 ICC Reader
     . Broadcom Corp 58200
     . Certgate GmbH AirID 2 USB
     . DC.Ltd DC4 5CCID READER
     . Genesys Logic CCID Card Reader
     . Genesys Logic Combo Card Reader
     . InfoThink IT-500U Reader
     . Spyrus Inc WorkSafe Pro (ProductID 0x3117)
    - Disabled readers
     . REINER SCT cyberJack RFID standard
    - Update reader names for
     . Fujitsu Keyboard KB100 SCR
     . Fujitsu Keyboard KB100 SCR eSIG
     . FujitsuTechnologySolutions GmbH Keyboard KB SCR2
     . Yubico YubiKey CCID
     . Yubico YubiKey FIDO+CCID
     . Yubico YubiKey OTP+CCID
     . Yubico YubiKey OTP+FIDO+CCID
    - Fix libusb config descriptor leak
    - Fix leaking an allocated bundle in case no matching reader was found


 Dr. Ludovic Rousseau

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