[Pcsclite-muscle] C3PO LTC31-v2 does not have a pinpad as reported by CCID

Jose Ramon Alvarez-Sanchez jras at dia.uned.es
Sat Jan 20 09:09:39 PST 2018

I am using a C3PO LTC31-v2 card-reader. It does NOT have a pinpad,
but the usb ccid reports it have one, so when trying to use a card,
the software stops and waits for the inexistent pinpad to reply.

My system is Debian testing with libccid package (version 1.4.28-2)
and libpcsclite1, pcscd packages (version 1.8.23-1).
The output of ccid parse for the reader is attached to this message.
Some years ago it worked OK, but now something has changed, and the
manufacturer does not exists any more.

I have downloaded the git repository for CCID and modified it to add
an exception for the card-reader, so it can ignore the false pinpad
reported erroneously. After installing the modified ccid, it works OK.

The modification was simply to add in src/ccid.h a new line
in section "/* Product identification for special treatments */"
(under the line for LTC31):
    #define LTC31_V20x07830006
and to add in src/ccid.c a new line just before line 495 that
says "/* The chip advertises pinpad but actually doesn't have one */":
case LTC31_V2:

If you want any other information, please do not hesitate to ask.
Thanks for maintaining this essential software.
Best regards,
Jose R.

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