[Pcsclite-muscle] Help required with Microchip SEC1210 over Serial

Tobias Girstmair tobi at isticktoit.net
Wed Feb 28 10:33:22 PST 2018

Hello all,

I am working on a custom smart card reader for the Raspberry Pi and I 
want to base it on the Microchip SEC1210 over serial (cannot use a USB 
reader, since I intend to use the only USB port in gadget mode), which 
is supported over serial since CCID 1.4.27.

Regarding the circuit I have replicated the one from the AppNote and I 
am fairly certain that there are no faults there, as I have observed 
serial communication in both directions.
However, I am having trouble getting the reader to show up in pcsc_scan 
and gpg2.

Here is a snippet of `pcscd -adf`'s output; I've uploaded the full log 
to https://pastebin.com/HqcBTkdw since it is rather long.

03204037 ifdhandler.c:194:CreateChannelByNameOrChannel() failed
00000153 readerfactory.c:1106:RFInitializeReader() Open Port 0x0 Failed 
00000071 readerfactory.c:610:RFRemoveReader() UnrefReader() count was: 1
00000053 eventhandler.c:173:EHDestroyEventHandler() Stomping thread.
00000056 ifdhandler.c:381:IFDHGetCapabilities() tag: 0xFB1, 
/dev/ttyAMA0:SEC1210 (lun: 0)
00000055 ifdhandler.c:381:IFDHGetCapabilities() tag: 0xFB2, 
/dev/ttyAMA0:SEC1210 (lun: 0)
00000047 eventhandler.c:202:EHDestroyEventHandler() Waiting polling thread
00007454 ifdhandler.c:1154:IFDHPowerICC() action: PowerUp, 
/dev/ttyAMA0:SEC1210 (lun: 0)
00035137 commands.c:249:CmdPowerOn Card absent or mute
00000939 commands.c:278:CmdPowerOn() Power up with 5V failed. Try with auto.
00033906 commands.c:249:CmdPowerOn Card absent or mute
00000185 commands.c:278:CmdPowerOn() Power up with 1.8V failed. Try with 3V.
00033880 commands.c:249:CmdPowerOn Card absent or mute
00000183 commands.c:278:CmdPowerOn() Power up with 3V failed. Try with 5V.
00000134 ifdhandler.c:1221:IFDHPowerICC() PowerUp failed
00000139 eventhandler.c:302:EHStatusHandlerThread() powerState: 
00000140 eventhandler.c:303:EHStatusHandlerThread() Error powering up 
card: -2146435050 0x80100016

(it does not matter if a smart card is inserted, the error stays the same).

My `/etc/reader.conf.d/reader.sec1210.conf` looks like this:
FRIENDLYNAME	"Microchip SEC1210"
LIBPATH		/usr/lib/pcsc/drivers/serial/libccidtwin.so

Please let me know if more informatino is needed and I apologize if this 
is not the right place to ask such questions and I am happy for every 
pointer I can get.

nearly forgot: I am running pcsclite-1.8.23 and pcsc-ccid-1.4.29 on 


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