[Pcsclite-muscle] Firefox does not trigger pcsc start

Ludovic Rousseau ludovic.rousseau at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 03:03:02 PDT 2018

2018-04-05 11:39 GMT+02:00 Germano Massullo <germano.massullo at gmail.com>:
> Good day.


> I am working on bringing back Estonia Open ID software stack on Fedora
> repository.
> The main packages are:
> qesteidutil [1] [2] utility for Estonia ID cards
> qdigidoc [3] [4] utility for signing documents
> firefox-pkcs11-loader [5] [6] helper script for Firefox that sets up the
> browser for authentication with Estonian ID-card
> chrome-token-signing [7] [8] Chrome and Firefox extension for signing on
> the web using Estonian ID-card
> pcscd service automatically starts when qesteidutil or qdigidoc are
> opened by the user.
> Instead pcscd service does not start when you use Firefox (Chrome is not
> part of Fedora packages). So you have to manually start it with command
> # systemctl start pcscd
> Do you have any idea why there is this problem with Firefox?

I guess the problem is not with Firefox itself but with the pkcs#11
library used in firefox.

>From your RedHat bug report
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1545027 it looks like an
issue with systemd activation.
Please debug with a simple tool like pcsc_scan.
Get it from http://ludovic.rousseau.free.fr/softwares/pcsc-tools/ or
use the redhat package.

Does pcsc_scan works in your configuration?


> Best regards
> [1]: https://github.com/open-eid/qesteidutil
> [2]: https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/qesteidutil
> [3]: https://github.com/open-eid/qdigidoc
> [4]: https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/qdigidoc
> [5]: https://github.com/open-eid/firefox-pkcs11-loader
> [6]: https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/firefox-pkcs11-loader
> [7]: https://github.com/open-eid/chrome-token-signing
> [8]: https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/webextension-token-signing

 Dr. Ludovic Rousseau

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