[Pcsclite-muscle] ACS ACR122U A9 issues

Vazma vazma
Sun Feb 19 10:29:13 PST 2017


I have an ACS ACR122U A9 reader and seems that everything is working fine when I am building and running pcsclite -f -d in combination with pcsc_scan. The card reader type and the card type can be read correctly wihout any issues.

Now when I am trying to execute mfcuk -C -R 0:A -s 250 -S 250 -v 3 I receive in the output of the pcscd this error:

03751139 ccid_usb.c:1132:WriteUSB() write failed (4/19): -1 LIBUSB_ERROR_IO
00000029 ifdwrapper.c:369:IFDStatusICC() Card not transacted: 612
00000014 eventhandler.c:333:EHStatusHandlerThread() Error communicating to: ACS ACR122U 00 00
00000031 ccid_usb.c:1721:InterruptRead() libusb_submit_transfer failed: LIBUSB_ERROR_IO

and also in the dmesg I have lots of those errors:

[ 6016.093106] usb 4-1.3: usbfs: process 30162 (pcscd) did not claim interface 0 before use

My setup information is:

Reader type: ACS ACR122U A9, (ACS ACR122U 00 00 )
Driver version:libacsccid1 1.1.4-1 amd64
pcsc-lite version 1.8.18
Enabled features: Linux x86_64-pc-linux-gnu serial usb libudev usbdropdir=/usr/lib/pcsc/drivers ipcdir=/var/run/pcscd configdir=/etc/reader.conf.d
OS: Kali Linux (I have the same behaviour in ubuntu 16.04)

in the log.txt file I am running the command with the LIBCCID_ifdLogeLevel flag as you mention in the pcsclite page and after a while I am also running the mfcuk -C -R 0:A -s 250 -S 250 -v 3 command which produces the errror LIBUSB_ERROR_IO which I mentioned above.

Let me know if I am missing any information.


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