[Pcsclite-muscle] SCardEndTransaction(hCard,SCARD_EJECT_CARD);

Christophe FERRANDO christophe.ferrando
Thu Jun 2 09:03:15 PDT 2016



With the last pcsclite version, i have a return of ScardEndTransaction = 

SCardEndTransaction:[8010001f] Feature not supported.

      case 577 : {

               rv = SCardEstablishContext(SCARD_SCOPE_USER, NULL, NULL,

               CHECK("SCardEstablishContext", rv)

               rv = SCardConnect(hContext,mszReaders,

                         SCARD_SHARE_EXCLUSIVE,SCARD_PROTOCOL_T0, &hCard,

               CHECK("SCardConnect", rv);

               rv = SCardBeginTransaction(hCard);

               CHECK("SCardBeginTransaction", rv);

               printf("Enleve la carte, puis appuie sur une

               rv = SCardEndTransaction(hCard,SCARD_EJECT_CARD);

               CHECK("SCardEndTransaction", rv);

               rv = SCardDisconnect(hCard, SCARD_LEAVE_CARD);

               CHECK("SCardDisconnect", rv)

               rv = SCardReleaseContext(hContext);

               CHECK("SCardReleaseContext", rv)




With the previous version, I had :

SCardEndTransaction:[80100069] Card was removed.


May be a little problem,



Christophe FERRANDO



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