[Pcsclite-muscle] connection reset/no data returned errors in browser with pcsclite/coolkey

Howdy Dood h0wdyd3wdy
Thu Oct 3 01:09:38 PDT 2013


I have Fedora 19 on two machines.

I use libcoolkey to use a Common Access Card's certificates to access my
webmail at http://www.foo.bar.gov

However, since upgrading to F19 on machine two, although I am prompted for
pin, etc, and certs show, and I can choose the right cert, I get:
The connection was reset

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading."

and on a related site, I get:

"Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.

On machine one, it works fine.  I cannot figure out what the problem is
here.  Same version of pcsc, same version of libcoolkey... on machine 2,
both firefox and chrome have this problem.

Both machines are on the same network.

On machine two, if I open up virtualbox and go to win8, and use CaC there,
I can access the site with IE.

Thanks for help
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