[OpenWrt-Devel] [Suggestions] Streamline localization by using Weblate for the project, use LiberaPay or OpenCollective to enable people to donate

Paul Spooren mail at aparcar.org
Tue Sep 24 04:13:05 EDT 2019

Hi Scott,

On 23.09.19 16:15, Scott via openwrt-devel wrote:
> First and foremost, as a user of OpenWrt and LuCI by way of TurrisOS thanks for everyone who has contributed to OpenWrt. As someone who's seeking to give back to the project via localization I noticed that while OpenWrt has relatively straightforward documentation on contributing localization (https://github.com/openwrt/luci/wiki/i18n), the process could be streamlined a great deal more. In particular by using Weblate thus making easier it for those who don't know Git and providing significant quality of life improvements even for those who do know Git. Those who want to do offline localization could continue to do so w/o issue.
> For those who aren't familiar with localization, Weblate is basically a web based tool that allows to contribute by simply entering in a localized string and hitting 'suggest' rather than having to Git clone, download an offline client like Lokalize, and then make a PR. There's also a good number of nice things to improve localization. It's easy to visually see what languages need localization work, you can be notified when there's new strings or a few other trigger events, and you can utilize not only the 'translation memory' of OpenWrt itself, but other FOSS such as related routing projects like Foris. The great thing is that while you can self host your own Weblate server, because OpenWrt is FOSS, the folk behind Weblate would likely offer free hosting given their Gratis for libre projects pricing. To better see what I'm talking about in action please check out:https://hosted.weblate.org/projects/

I think that's a good idea! As it doesn't need to be directly integrated 
in any existing workflow nor requires privileges on any Git, it's 
basically just a fancy front-end with translation suggestions for .po 
files right?

Out of curiosity I requested a libre account for a quick evaluation, if 
anyone is in serious doubt on evaluation it I'll instantly cancel the 
request. However I think this is in line with 

> As a secondary note in what sounds like was written in late 2016, there were private discussions about public crowdfunding to help pay for servers (https://openwrt.org/infrastructure). Talking with tmomas on the forums it sounds like the current bottleneck is people power. Any surplus donations beyond infrastructure could be used to pay for part or full time development or for bounties. Between the LiberaPay and OpenCollective, OpenCollective may be preferable because it is designed to allow both reoccurring and one off donations.

Also a nice idea, I heard a couple of times people want to donate but 
there is no convenient way to do so. Having some funding for 
rpcd-doc-writing or a simplified web interface would be great!

Maybe jow can come up with a comment on this, I remember there were some 
issues on how to manage the money in an organizational way...


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