[OpenWrt-Devel] Negative offset for checksum in ath79's 10-ath9k-eeprom

David Bauer mail at david-bauer.net
Wed Sep 18 11:03:43 EDT 2019

Hello Adrian,

On 9/18/19 4:54 PM, Adrian Schmutzler wrote:
> From a practical perspective, it does not matter which function is used, because the checksum is not evaluated. So one could use either ath10kcal_patch_mac or ath10kcal_patch_mac_crc in all cases and would get the same result (in terms of functionality).

ath10kcal_patch_mac_crc is not nearly as old as ath10kcal_patch_mac. ath10kcal_patch_mac_crc is a requirement for 2nd generation
802.11ac chips which require a bdf in addition to the eeprom-caldata. First generation chips do not have this requirement.

Best wishes

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