[OpenWrt-Devel] [ramips] Linkit Smart 7688

Ivan Hörler ivanhoerler at gmail.com
Sun Sep 15 15:28:35 EDT 2019

Now after nowing how to make a PR, im interested to know how you think about some thaughts of me.

Linkit Smart 7688 has a blast of tools they offer in the original firmware bild. Compared the one openWRT offers is verry slim.
Is that ment to be so or did nobody care until me?

Some of the Tools:
1. Automatic activation as Accesspoint, because the board is ment for IOT and has no Ethernet port. Right now with the official OpenWRT build can not be connected to any network without addtional Serial converter.

2. Luci WebGUI

3. Language: Python with PIP

4. Language: Node with NPM

5. mraa from Intel

6. some upm modules from Intel

What of this list wold be possible to integrate in to a official openWRT release without scratching rules?

Regards, Ivan Hörler
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