[OpenWrt-Devel] OpenWrt 19.07 release schedule ?

Bjørn Mork bjorn at mork.no
Fri Sep 6 06:44:56 EDT 2019

Jo-Philipp Wich <jo at mein.io> writes:

>> Buildbot is already crunching the images and packages, and pretty much
>> all targets are green. So there are no obvious build related issues
>> preventing the release. I have also not noticed any franctic discussion
>> about specific major bugs blocking the release, so it looks pretty good
>> at the moment.
> there are various LuCI bugs which need to be addressed first.

Is there a list of release blocking bugs anywhere?  I guess we are more
than a few who would be interested in looking at unknown code, if we
knew fixing it was critical for a release.

It would also be nice to know the release policy.  I.e., what makes a
bug critical enough to block the release?  When is a buggy
feature/platform/whatever dropped from the release instead of waiting
for a fix? I believe Debian has had great success with explicit release
goals and absolute time limits.

Documenting workarounds is also an option, especially for optional
features in release candidates.  I can understand that major LuCI
breakage still is considered unacceptable, but I can't really imagine
that there are that lots of such bugs?

And documenting known issues in a release candidate will attract even
more attention to bug fixing for the final release.  It's a win-win.


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