[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH 2/4] kernel: add backported phy/phylink/sfp patches

Petr Štetiar ynezz at true.cz
Wed Nov 27 06:57:35 EST 2019

Russell King - ARM Linux admin <linux at armlinux.org.uk> [2019-11-27 10:35:10]:

> It makes it very difficult to understand.  For example, where is the
> kernel + kmod package version/release set 

from kmod-libphy_4.19.85-1_aarch64_cortex-a53.ipk/control.tar.gz/control:

 Package: kmod-libphy
 Version: 4.19.85-1
 Depends: kernel (=4.19.85-1-f24e301be88eb921523d0eb26012ec0f)

I'm interested how the Version: is set:

 $ git grep Version: include/
 include/package-dumpinfo.mk:)Version: $(VERSION)

So then I need to know how the VERSION is set:

 $ git grep VERSION.*:.*= include/kernel*

So from above it's PKG_RELEASE or LINUX_RELEASE now:

 $ git grep -E '(PKG_RELEASE|LINUX_RELEASE)' include/kernel*

So in order to bump the release in the 4.19.85-1 from 1 to 2 I would probably
need to set LINUX_RELEASE:=2 somewhere in the Make files or provide it to Make
via commandline, as `make ... LINUX_RELEASE=2`.

> > AFAIK Jonas plans to borrow few SFP modules and test this on his ClearFog PRO
> > and he is eventually going to merge this as well.
> Surely only one person should be merging this?

I'm not implying that, but Jonas is already involved and has access to the
actual hardware, so it makes sense to let him test and merge it.

> > > 5) the final patch, which isn't in mainline, and probably needs further
> > >    work - should that go in target/linux/generic/hack-4.19 ? 
> > 
> > If you're talking here about 1/4, then this one is probably just fine as it
> > is.
> I'm talking about 4/4, the "work around Nokia GPON module's TX_FAULT
> assertion" patch.

Hm, I'm puzzled 4/4 is "kernel: add uDPU update patches" and grep nokia fails.

-- ynezz

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