[OpenWrt-Devel] [RFC][PATCH] ath79-tiny: enable 4k sectors

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> Subject: [OpenWrt-Devel] [RFC][PATCH] ath79-tiny: enable 4k sectors
> This enables using 4kiB sectors as erase blocks for 4MiB NOR flash ICs
> that support it.
> Writeable jffs2 overlay used to store settings requires a partition with
> at least 5 erase blocks, so using small sectors is essential for devices
> with 4MiB flash.
> Sysupgrading a device running firmware without this feature will likely
> not allow to preserve configs automatically but since ath79 is
> considered to be in a "technology preview" state it shouldn't be a
> problem.

Because of this reason, we should ask ourselves whether we want to backport this to 19.07, so all (non-RC) released ath79-tiny images have 4k sectors, while we still can.
Otherwise, with 20.xx having different sectors than 19.xx, users will be more confused than with us now changing behavior during rc-period.


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