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> Hello Adrian,
> >
> > What is/was the reason for that change and do we have to backport it
> > to ar71xx?
> >
> On my WNDR4300 2.4 GHz radio is at 0x1000 and 5 GHz is at 0x5000, like many
> other ar9344 models have. Both areas are 0x440 in length not 0x800
> - after 0x440 empty space begins (0xff) - so tells hexdump anyway.
> Both radios were tested and confirmed to work prior to submitting patch.
> I think it's safe to backport that to ar71xx, if not - it does no harm to have
> extra 0xff bytes at the end I guess.

okay. Sound to me like it's not worth compiling and reviewing a patch for ar71xx.

Thanks for your response.


> Regards
> Michal
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