[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] uqmi: add timeout parameter

Piotr Dymacz pepe2k at gmail.com
Tue Nov 19 08:21:53 EST 2019

Hi Zefir,

On 19.11.2019 11:34, Zefir Kurtisi wrote:


>>>> We don't know whether this is a device FW issue
>>>> (we use the latest EM12GPAR01A15M4G) or whether
>>>> the device enters some undocumented power-save
>>>> mode after idling for some time.
>>> Could you share this firmware version, is that a generic Quectel or a customized
>>> one? I would like to reproduce and debug the problem but the EM12 I have here has
>>> 'EM12GPAR01A_11_M4G'.
>>> Also, what platform do you use this modem with?
>> Hi Piotr,
>> we use our own products [1], which are built around a PowerPC (8540) based platform.
>> The FW we received from Codico [2], Quectel's distributor and support proxy for
>> Switzerland. We get preview versions on request, therefore I am not sure if it can
>> be posted publicly. I'll check for restrictions and provide the FW if able.


> Hi Piotr,
> Codico/Quectel confirmed that the EM12 FW has no NDA limitations and can be
> provided to developers. The archive is available for the next 5 days from our
> company file-server at [1]. Let me know if you need something else, otherwise
> looking forward whether you can reproduce the observed issue.
> Cheers
> [1] https://transfer.neratec.com/5e7a98bb1a51e/EM12GPAR01A15M4G.zip

Thanks! I also contacted my Quectel contact person about that.
Will get back to you with my results in next days.


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