[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] ath79: add support for COMFAST CF-E130N v2

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Wed Nov 13 07:17:43 EST 2019


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> Hi,
> > That's wrong. You have 0x7d0000, not 0xfd0000 ...
> There seems to be some discrepancy, possibly v1 vs v2. The
> specifications on the website and the partitioning seem to imply a 8MB
> image size - however, U-boot bootloader and the sum of MTD block sizes
> gives us 16MB. Unsure, I tried both 8000 and 16192. Both seem to work
> well, save for some I/O errors when writing files to homedir with both.
> Not sure what that implies, but assuming 16MB as size all that given.

based on how we use it currently, IMAGE_SIZE should match the size of the firmware partition.

> > Will this work without a defined gpio?
> Could you elaborate?

+		rssimediumhigh {
+			label = "cf-e130n-v2:green:rssimediumhigh";
+                        // No individual GPIOs matched this LED!
+		};

Will this still work when using rssimediumhigh in 01_leds?


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