[OpenWrt-Devel] OpenWrt: read label MAC address for FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 300E

Mathias Kresin dev at kresin.me
Wed Nov 13 01:22:34 EST 2019

12/11/2019 13:26, Adrian Schmutzler:
> Hi,
> I'm currently trying to remove the dependency of label_mac in 02_network from phy setup, i.e. replacing stuff like
> $(cat /sys/class/ieee80211/phyX/macaddress)
> with extraction from the proper flash location.
> One obstacle is the AVM FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 300E, where the calibration data is extracted with
> caldata_extract_reverse "urloader" 0x1541 0x440
> Is there a sufficiently easy way to get the MAC address out of there _without_ relying on initialized Wifi?
> I'm looking for something like
> label_mac=$(some_extraction_function "urloader" <some_offset>)
> Technically, it should be somewhere in the reversed caldata, shouldn't it?
> If this is not possible (with reasonable effort), I would just calculate it based on the lan_mac in 02_network.
> Best
> Adrian

Hey Adrian,

all mac-addresses can be found in the urlader key value store.

maca                  24:65:11:AE:CB:6B
macb                  24:65:11:AE:CB:6C
macwlan               24:65:11:AE:CB:6D
macdsl                24:65:11:AE:CB:6E

Following the fritz_tffs call in 02_network it will be:

lan=$(fritz_tffs -n maca -i $(find_mtd_part "tffs (1)"))
wlan=$(fritz_tffs -n macwlan -i $(find_mtd_part "tffs (1)"))

FYI, the label mac is macwlan.

Does that answer your question?


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