[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] ath79: add support for COMFAST CF-E130N v2

Kryma admin at kryma.net
Mon Nov 11 17:02:14 EST 2019


> That's wrong. You have 0x7d0000, not 0xfd0000 ...

There seems to be some discrepancy, possibly v1 vs v2. The 
specifications on the website and the partitioning seem to imply a 8MB 
image size - however, U-boot bootloader and the sum of MTD block sizes 
gives us 16MB. Unsure, I tried both 8000 and 16192. Both seem to work 
well, save for some I/O errors when writing files to homedir with both. 
Not sure what that implies, but assuming 16MB as size all that given.

> Will this work without a defined gpio?

Could you elaborate?

The rest seem straightforward to me, I will be happy to fix them in the 
next version.

Closing thought, the aforementioned I/O errors. Parts of the filesystem 
seem to corrupt on occasion on my test device. I will look more into if 
it's a hardware issue, but for now are there any possible 
software/config causes you can think of?

Thanks much,

P. B.

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