[OpenWrt-Devel] Broken WiFi on QCA9533 rev. 2

Adrian Schmutzler mail at adrianschmutzler.de
Tue Nov 5 09:05:43 EST 2019


for quite some time already we are struggling with broken WiFi on some TP-Link CPE devices having QCA9533 rev. 2 (QCA9533-BL3A SOC) in common.

I'd be happy on some help here, since I've exhausted my debugging capabilities.

1. Symptoms: WiFi looks up on the device, some TX traffic is shown in ifconfig, RX is zero. The AP cannot be found by clients. "iw dev wlan0 scan" returns nothing.

2. Affected devices: TP-Link CPE210 v2/v3, CPE220 v3 (all QCA9533 rev. 2?); no other QCA9533 devices known to be affected (specific to CPE or to QCA9533 rev. 2?)

3. For a certain model, there are devices which are working correctly and others which don't. There is no known indicator to find out whether a device works or not. The state of a device does not change as far as we know (always working or never working).

4. So far, only 2.4 GHZ-only devices were affected

5. There is no diagnostic output that indicates a WiFi problem. dmesg/logread look normal, there is no difference when compared between working and not-working devices (despite RX=0/scan as stated above)

6. The problem seems to be present from the beginning (device support patches), it just has been overlooked since it's not occurring on every device.

7. The ar71xx firmware for all devices works flawlessly, so it is an ath79-specific problem.

Other findings that might be connected or not:

a. On ath79 phy0 uses irq=11/irq=12 and on ar71xx irq=47. eth0 uses irq=4 on both targets.

b. The following gpio is only found on ar71xx: gpio-495 ( |ath9k-phy0 ) in lo

I currently own a CPE210v2 with the bug and can test suggestions (if I'm capable of implementing them).
There is a device support PR for the CPE220 v3 suffering from the same problem: https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/2514

Despite, further reading may be found in forum discussion and bug report:

Initial support for CPE210 v2/v3 was done by me and bluelineXY, both already involved in the discussion. ;-)

Thanks for any hints!

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